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I really enjoyed the demo of this game. Your art and animations are smooth and pretty, with great character variety to boot! The battle system was unexpectedly nice and balancing felt very fair. I'm definitely following and supporting the patreon when I can financially :)

I'm new to ich, so idk if this is uncouth to do, but to give you some feedback:
I like the material and upgrade system, but gathering felt a bit too grind-y; I could barely get new pieces of equipment to the point where I thought leveling up 5 levels was easier than buying a +10 attack upgrade. Also, when I had auto-battle on, I sometimes ran into harder encounters and when I wanted to disable auto-battle, a few turns already passed.  At the same time, when I dealt with a harder encounter, it felt like more of a hassle to enable auto-battle again than to do the rest manually, so I ended up only using it when was sure to win regardless.
I thought of some ways to address these points, but I'm unsure if it's my place to write suggestions here.

Again, I think it's a great demo and I hope it will flourish into an even better game <3

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I find it a bit annoying that the game doesn't save your progress after exiting the browser. I mean, I thought it would be connected to my profile name but nope, it just starts a new game. One go and that's it, at least this is the case when trying to access it from another browser using your account.

Correction, this only happens if you try to log in from a separate browser.

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so... no running away and in the tutorial there is a battle square you're guaranteed to lose on, at least the first time you can face it.
Edit: Intended loss, hopefully more options will show up as  I play.

Please make a version that chrome can handle. I have given it over 20 tries, but it does not load.


Hi, so I noticed that when using auto battle, your units only use their basic first attack move, they don't use their second one or their abilities, like the healing for example. Just letting you know.