A downloadable Guild Project for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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The Adventurer's Guild: a shining beacon of light in a world beset by all manner of aggressive and dangerous monster girls! Follow a group of guild initiates as they investigate a string of recent mysterious events in the region.

Guild Project is an old-school hentai RPG featuring-

  • Dungeon Crawling: Battle through a variety of environments!
  • Character Progression: Level your party, acquire new skills!
  • Erotic Scenes: Visual novel-styled events and lewdness!

The game is currently in active development and receives monthly updates featuring new scenes and artwork, and sexual content.

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Install instructions

- Extract if needed

- Run "Guild Project"


Guild_Project_0_21_0_Win 320 MB
Guild_Project_0_21_0_Linux 337 MB
Guild_Project_0_21_0_MacOSX 321 MB

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